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Are you looking for a gentle way to reduce chronic pain? Hypnotherapy can help.  Studies show that more than 75% of people (including those with arthritis & osteoarthritis) can experience significant relief from pain using hypnotherapeutic methods.

Hypnotherapy is about helping you manage the fear and anxiety you feel related to the pain you're experiencing.  It relaxes you, and redirects your attention from the sensation of pain. 

There are many tools that Amy can use to help you reduce and manage pain.  All sessions are personalized to your specific needs.

Chronic pain is exhaustive to the individual and fearfulness is often with it. Fear of more pain, fear of it never going away, and even fear of more medications or losing loved ones.

Pain should not be taken as just "all in the mind."

Experiencing pain indicates there is something that needs attention.  It is important that you get checked out by a medical physician before asking for hypnosis help. 

A person's psychological attitudes, beliefs, and expectations all have direct affects on the way they experience pain.  Depression, anxiety, boredome and relaxation all influence the intensity of physical pain.  The mind and body influence one another.  Hypnosis can be used to Influence both psychological reference to the pain, as well as, the physical experience of it.

Some of the words clients use to describe their pain are searing, stabbing, sharp, dull, throbbing, scalding and so on. People in pain aren't "just whining," they really want someone to understand their experience of pain.  Amy will use hypnosis to address your experience.

Pain itself is very hypnotic. It narrows the focus of attention.  For example, if you stub your toe, it will focus you internally no matter what is on tv or how interesting your conversation with your friend might be.

Amy will help you pull out of you trance with pain and help you live an easier life. You're in control and she is here to make sure you know that and use your mind to know that.


Amy invites you to schedule a consultation to assess your needs and explain the best route of care for lasting results. You will have all of your questions answered in a non-pressure conversation so that you can make a well-informed decision.

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Amy Hale, Advanced Hypnotherapist in Birmingham and Plymouth, Michigan - also serves Canton, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Northville, Novi, Southfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Clawson, Beverly Hills, Sterling Heights, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Berkley, Ferndale, Waterford, and all of Southeastern Michigan.



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