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Reunite With Your Desires

by Amy Hale, C.Ht.

For many of us, it has been a long journey to knowing who we are and what we want. It can also be discouraging to find that while on this journey, we question how to get where we want to go, or how to fulfill our desires. By reuniting with your desire and keeping your focus on it, you create fruition. You become more attuned to your desire, making it easier for you to grasp it.

Where are you now as opposed to where will you be tomorrow? This is a dilemma many people share. We all experience ups and downs in life. Where we focus our attention control where we will go in the next few moment. Are you stuck, or attuned in your present situation, feeling trapped or hurt? Or are you becoming aware that you can provide a different transformative thought?

Have you ever been able to experience something that was not in your essence? We cannot experience what we don’t think about or pay attention to. Our thoughts are producers of feeling and therefore attract our everyday circumstances making it easier to know that we create so miraculously by merely combining our energy with thought. For our own self-worth, this also requires that we attune or pay attention to what it is we want out of each and every day. Making this practice part of our daily routine comforts the equilibrium of our true self.

By following these simple guidelines, you can create a stunning picture of who you are and who you want to be.

  1. Position yourself in the truest form of light, making your every intention luminous. You’ve become a great pretender and you can use your passion to create the ultimate and necessary vehicle to transformation.
  2. And now you are ready to create something good. Something appropriate for your time and space so that you cannot ever have more than you can handle. Therefore you’re wise to choose very carefully exactly what you do want. And not vicariously choose something you can only have in a more distant future.
  3. So now, mention your worth. Are you worthy of your desire? If not, then it will never manifest. If you are, an make sure that you are, this will carry you through. If we are worthy of having our ultimate goal, we will strive to attain it, making an immeasurable seem quick and easy. For what is our nature in becoming truly gifted at making our way successfully into the future? We have committed to our goal and reviewed it, and our self-worth matches it, therefore it is a total possibility that we match the vibration, the essence, of it in order to bring upon ourselves our true creation.

Have yourself generate a quick dialogue with who you are and now present it to your fellow man. This will carry a great amount of reassurance that you know you are worthy.

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