How Hypnotherapy can help you outsmart anxiety, depression and your inner critic

At Changing Lanes with Amy Hale, I am committed to providing empathetic, professional and effective help.  I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression and Complex Post Traumatic Stress.

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Amy has an array of treatments for

Anxiety & Depression

Amy use traditional and waking hypnosis to help you decompress, reset to a more peaceful state, and to dehypnotize you from belief systems that are outdated and not serving you. 

Taming Your Inner Critic

As you reduce your mental clutter, your stress melts away. Resilience and clarity come easily.

Improving Your Mental and Physical Health

With less stress taxing your system, sleep improves, and anxiety turns into genuine happiness. Depression turns into relief.

Left untreated, anxiety, depression, and stress become larger.  Life becomes harder.

Carol M.

“Amy helped me learn self-hypnosis to lower my blood pressure. If you dedicate a little time every day – it really works.”


“I had an unusual fear of stringed instruments. After a couple of sessions, I now can listen to bluegrass music and my daughter playing guitar.”


I was skeptical, but as I went through the healing experience with Amy, I was able to process my emotions and move past my daily ordeal of just trying to manage my emotions.  Our virtual meetings together seemed to help me more than any in person sessions I had had. 

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I had seen Amy about five years ago when she had helped me with some personal issues.  I reached out to Amy again last year as my wife was divorcing me and I was struggling to make it through every day.  At this time Covid-19 was very present and visits could only be done remotely.

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Kevin Risdsale / Actor

Amy has been helping me for many years. I started off working with her to assist my grieving process after my grandfather died. Later our sessions helped create more confidence as well as healthy relationship boundaries. She is a great listener and very professional! I highly recommend her to assist you in processing emotions or dealing with limiting beliefs!

Meghan F. / Pilates Instructor

I had struggled for YEARS with a crippling phobia. I made the choice to work with Amy, and I wish I would have done it sooner! It is like taking the best relaxing nap ever, only you are aware of what is going on. Even though I still have little bumps in the road, the change has been tremendous! I would HIGHLY recommend Amy to anyone for anything!!

Rebecca CC / Medical Assistant
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