At the age of 6, Amy began working in the family business. When her parents learned of Amy’s plans for the business when she inherited it, they decided to sell. Forced out at the age of 12, she turned her mind within and took up meditation.


As a native of Michigan, Amy has handled holistic healthcare, earthbound spirits and people who wanted to explore one or more past lives. However, for the past 2 decades Amy has devoted most of her time helping those who want to

    • lose weight
    • quit smoking
    • reduce anxiety and depression
    • overcome pain
    • change bad habits.

As a result of her success, Amy is closely watched by members of the Indiana religious right, competitive psychologists and people with very bad handwriting. And that, she thinks, is a great reason to comb her hair every morning.

Amy works as Clinical Hypnotherapist, writer, and webinar leader who has several specialty and advanced certifications.   She  also recently became certified in Clinical Reflexology.  She has studied and been involved in alternative medicine approaches for over 20 years.  She opened Changing Lanes in 2002.

How Amy Keeps Up

Committed to her own personal growth, Amy continues ongoing education and networking with those who have complementary ideals. She brings her unique blend of experience, knowledge and tools to assist and empower others in making their lives better.


  • International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists 
  • National Guild of Hypnotists
  • National Federation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Amy also has extensive knowledge in in EFT and Reconnective Healing. She is also a Reiki Master-Teacher. 

As a freelance writer, Amy has had articles published in local and national publications.  The topics include self-esteem, personal change and relationships. The publications include: PhenomeNews, OmTimes and OfSpirit.  She also maintains her own newsletter which is published somewhat monthly. You can Sign Up Here

Although she may be contacted directly, referrals have come from physicians, psychologists, the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, and word-of-mouth.

Amy uses powerful tools that can help you create the changes you want.  She is dedicated to helping people to improve their habits, improve their lifestyle and overcome physical challenges.  She wants the therapeutic process to be comfortable, rewarding and truly successful. 

Personal Information

Amy loves riding rickety roller-coasters, eating hot buttered popcorn, walking a few miles per day, and binge watching Netflix.”

Her one goal in life? “To learn to drive a stick-shift.”

Amy lives in Michigan with her husband, Richard, entrepreneur and world-class guitar player.

How Amy can help the media:

  • If you need articles, columns, tip sheets, or other short items, I can meet even the toughest deadlines without fail.
  • I can provide expert commentary, background and story ideas on the topics of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

She can be reached at (734) 644-6681

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