What people say

I clearly feel more confident in my approach to work. The self doubts have gone and I feel as though I am driving the car rather than being the passenger — and you were right, you can change some deep rooted beliefs.

MJ / Male Client


I referred a client to Amy Hale a few months ago.  My client was seen within a week and said she enjoyed her sessions with Amy.  Her nerves are better balanced and she feels she is emotionally and physically stronger.  I’ll definitely refer to her again.

RM / Female

I’ve seen Amy a number of times and have found her to have a really good “ear.” She is extremely perceptive and intuitive. Whatever you want to work on, she is there to guide you through the process. She has been able to see patterns that I haven’t been able to see When I leave,Something always shifts, if you are willing to do the work.

MT / Female Client


This might sound silly but this genuinely worked I pulled a muscle in my right lower back side and it hurt so bad and for pulled muscles it said it would take like 3-6 weeks to heal and I was like “I don’t got time for that” so i did my own manifestation techniques and watched this video and after only 3 days the pain is completely gone

Valerie commenting on YouTube Video:

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Before I met you, I had been struggling with an unusual anxiety reaction – to stringed instruments, which impacted my daily life for 37 years. I didn’t think that anyone would be able to help me.

After just a one session, on the drive home, I was listening to coffee house and bluegrass music, and I was enjoying the experience! It was as if I was listening to music for the first time. After the third session, I can now see and hear my daughter play the guitar, and she is so happy that I can finally enjoy her playing for me.

Now, I know that I can go to concerts, and music festivals, and even learn to dance! It’s good to finally feel normal – thanks to you! I would recommend your services to anyone who is trying to overcome any problems in their lives. You are a truly a miracle worker! Thanks so much, Amy!

JS / Male Client