About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Our conscious minds hold what is referred to as the critical factor filter. This portion of your mind is the initial receiver of information at any given time. During the hypnotic state, Amy can communicate with you while you are using significantly less critical thought (questioning the message) and help you make the changes that you really want in your life.

Working with Amy Hale is not a passive process.  You will be taking action right from the first session. This could include listening to a self-hypnosis CD that Amy has made specifically for you, working with mental strategies to help you condition yourself to behave differently in order to help facilitate the changes you desire.  Your success depends on what action you’re willing to take to create lasting change.

Hypnotherapy has been successfully used to help relieve emotional and physical challenges such as anxiety, pain, and addictions.  Non-conscious beliefs un-shroud themselves so that better strategies and solutions can be utilized. This helps you achieve your goals with Amy quickly.

Amy has been helping people with hypnotherapy for over a decade with her truly integrative techniques in the field of mind mechanics. Amy has helped people develop and grow their own businesses so that they can become financially independent, helped people stomp out phobias like fear of flying, and helped athletes improve sports concentration and performance. By breaking through obstacles and self-imposed limitations, you can achieve a powerful resolve to change careers, increase energy, and improve confidence in many areas of life.

 Amy Hale offers a free consultation in order to assess your needs and to advise whether or not hypnotherapy or her other services are the best avenue for you to take on your journey toward a significantly better life. 

Naturally, you want to feel vibrant and strong. Now you can, with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP. Hypnotherapy is safe and effective in healing challenges with anxiety, eating disorders, smoking cessation, self-esteem, motivation, and many other emotional concerns.  Doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, and dentists are just a few of the healthcare professionals who acknowledge hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be described as a “narrowing focus of attention.” It can also be considered as “dissociation” or “association” in certain instances. For example, someone can learn to “dissociate” driving a car with smoking so that that person no longer smokes while driving.


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